Greeting from the President of Japan Section
Encouragement of engineers having next-generation technologies for plastics material and molding.
   Polymer materials such as plastics and engineering plastics has been attracted recently to base materials in many precision parts and a variety of cutting-edge devices.
However, Japanese "manufacturing" factories for these materials and molded materials were moved to other area outside from Japan.
In recent years, the R&D departments for these plastics companies were also trying to move away from Japan because of total manufacturing cost problem.
We usually had a bad image these "manufacturing" R&D sections as "unrefined" technologies.
However, different from the other hand the state-of-the-art research, such as fundamental and applied researches of high functional devices, was also an important fundamental research, such as process development to support the future state-of-the-art elements.
Dense and commitment processing technologies, R&D for novel plastics materials and fabricated material-elements is also still the most forte in Japan.
Currently, it is essential for us to develop a high-value-added, which was aware of the low-emission "manufacturing" with a low environmental impact and energy conservation. In the automotive industry field, especially, for the purpose of improving fuel efficiency and cost reduction due to lighter weight of automotive, the application of plastics have expanded and the development of plastics have been progressed a development of molding technologies of high-function and high-performance.
It has become an important technological development in this fields, such as thin-wall molding, thermal control processing, foaming processing, flame retardant technology and improved air-tightness molded parts. In these new "manufacturing" technologies, the "articles" and "person" should be becoming one, and if we will not continue to make the training and education, a new technologies and industries for plastics maybe have not developed.
In order to increase young engineers and researchers for plastics fields, those are plastics and its molding technology should be familiar, whether the plastics industry will be important and attractive to these young engineers and researchers.
Anyway SPE Japan section, is also composed of individual members who possess the advanced plastics technology.
Our section have always arranged and planned to technical lectures, which was related fields as material, mold, molding, evaluation and characterization for molded parts, plastics market analysis, etc.
In addition, our section are promoting activities taking advantage of the strengths of the international organization with strong collaboration with SPE headquarters.
We look forward to the participation and aggressive activities of the SPE Japan section to young engineers and researchers involved in the plastics technologies.
President of SPE Japan sectionPresident of Japan Section
Dr.Hiroshi Itoh