Greeting from the President of Japan Section
Your new era by the participation in plastic professional engineer’s network.
Although the volume of production, sales of plastic raw materials and plastic articles have been decreasing in Japan recently, some items of plastic articles, the parts for transportation field and blow molded container, show big growth.
In automobile manufacturing, new plastics technology development of plastic materials and molding process is expanding plastic application for the purpose of the improvement in fuel consumption by a weight reduction and cost cutting. In the blow molded container, technical development, such as thinner wall thickness, lower gas transmission, and micro foaming expanded the market. The virtuous circle called the advancement of plastics technology unearthing new needs has arisen in these fields.
On the other hand, the spread of 3D-CAD, NC processing machine, electromotive injection molding machines, etc., technical commodity was advanced for a short period of time, globalization of die machining and plastic molding and a local content were made possible, the material, the mold, and the article without a prior technology and know-how brought a result with natural cost minimum supply, and it has set production in Japan under the severe situation.
The SPE Japan section consisted of professional plastics engineer aims at contributing to the top's technical development and realization of the product to which it is applied in the world through the meeting and conference which invites the technical new release and specialists in leading-edge technology.
Under the strong cooperation with SPE headquarters, Japan section promotes Division Conference with headquarters, Asian area RETEC (regional technical meeting).
Plastics technology continues to be greatly expected in new fields, such as environment and energy, aging society, medical field, and accident prevention.
The SPE Japan section works energetically as a special team who should meet and make strong network.
I am waiting for your participation in the SPE Japan section and your strong activity.
President of SPE Japan sectionPresident of Japan Section
Fumiaki Baba