20201210 Virtual factory tour and technical lecture, “Latest trends on 3D printer-related technology and biomass-based composite materials”

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Virtual factory tour and technical lecture, “Latest trends on 3D printer-related technology and biomass-based composite materials”

From the perspectives of a sustainable society, consciousness on conservation of the global environment and ecological environment is rapidly increasing worldwide.  Therefore, as topics from Kansai region of Japan, this workshop by online is about the current status and prospects of materials and processing technologies such as 3D printers and biomass-based composite resins. We invite lecturers who are active at the forefront, and included a virtual factory tour. 

Sponsorship: SPE Japan Section

Date: December 10, 2020 13:00 – 17:20 

Place: On line (Zoom)

13:10-13:05   Greeting


“Nature biomass based biodegradable resin, nano cellulose composite resin, anti-bacterial biomass based biodegradable resin, various type of functional material such as quantum dot composite resin”

Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.   

Representative Director,

Mr. Ryohei Mori 

Keywords :Nature biomass resin, biodegradable resin, nano cellulose, quantum dot, carbon nanotube, metal organic framework, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, biomass waste


“Additive manufacturing of PA6-CNF composites and evaluation of their mechanical properties” 

Kyoto University, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere   


Dr. Yuzo Okudaira

Cellulose nanofiber (PA6-CNF) composite components were fabricated by powder bed fusion (PBF) additive manufacturing and their mechanical properties were evaluated.


“3D printer usage to avoid failure in order to use it as final product”

Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd.   

Yokohama Branch 


Mr. Takuya Murakami

3D printed products are now being used not only as prototype but also as final products and devices. On the other hand, there are problems such as accuracy and limited materials to choose from compared with that of conventional method. We would like to propose our method on how to deal with those problems by introducing some cases. 


Virtual factory tour

“Making tour on the 3D printer factory along with the cutting-edge-technologies”

Yasojima Proceed Co., Ltd.

Kobe Branch

Ms. Yuuri Ogawa

Presenting a virtual tour of our new factory, Kobe Fab, launched in June 2020.      This factory consists of 29 3D printers which make us one of the top 3D printer manufacturers with mass production system in Japan. Not only 3D printing manufacturing, but also, we are aiming for the next generation digital technology by making full use of 3D printers and various 3D software.


“The forefront of material development for 3D printing by cryogenic grinding”

Osaka Gas Liquid Co., Ltd.


Mr. Ryoma Nagano

We would like to introduce the latest development trends of 3D printing materials, with information related to K-Show 2019 held last fall.

17:15-17:20  Conclusion

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