20181129 Roles and possibilities of cellulose and biomass materials in the environment and energy fields

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Roles and possibilities of cellulose and biomass materials in the environment and energy fields

From the perspectives of a sustainable society, consciousness on conservation of the global environment and ecological environment is rapidly increasing worldwide.  Therefore, this time in the environment and energy field, for the future era, Spotted on biodegradable plastics (cellulose and biomass materials) once again receiving great attention. We invite lecturers who are active at the forefront to discuss the roles and possibilities of various fields such as utilization technology, material development and molding technology etc.

Sponsorship: SPE Japan Section

Date: November 29, 2018 13:00 - 17:00 

Place: Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Morinomiya Center

Morinomiya 1-6-50, Jyoto-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 536-8553

TEL: 06-6963-8137


13:10-13:15   Greeting

13:15-14:15   Toward realization of biodegradable plastics

Gunma University   Kenichi Kasuya

14:15-15:15 Degradation of Cellulose Acetate Using Enzymes Derived from Thermophilic Bacteria and its Utilization

ORIST Kunihiko Moriyoshi

14:15-16:05   Facility tour of ORIST, Morinomiya

16:05-17:00 On high functionality of polylactic acid which is biodegradable resin

bioworks.co.jp    Takahiko Terada

17:30-19:15 Social Party

Workshop Participation Fees

- SPE Japan Section Member: FREE

- Non-SPE Japan Section Member: \15,000

(Substitution is not accepted for individual member.)

If the link the not accessible, please email your Full name, Name of Organization, Department, Job Title, Telephone Number and Email to the following contact:

SPE Japan Section

Mr Ogiwara Manabu (SPE director), Nippon Zeon Co.,Ltd 

Tel: +81-(0)44-276-3741 Fax: +81-(0)44-276-3321, 

E-mail: M.Ogiwara@zeon.co.jp


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