Factory & laboratory tour on the automotive application of CFRTP

Global trend of light weight vehicles has started realizing new applications of CFRTP (Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics). SPE Japan section offers you an opportunity to look at the manufacturing and developing sites of CFRTP products. 

Hamamatsu Industrial Technical Assistance Center and Hamamatsu Society of CFRP Business R&D present UD tape production equipment in particular. Yamaha Fine Technologies handles the manufacturing of automotive interior components. We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop. 

Sponsorship SPE Japan Section

Date: Friday, April 27, 2018 11:55 - 17:30 

Gathering place: 

Charter bus terminal near the south entrance of Enshu department store.


11:55 Gathering

12:00-12:50 Bus trip to Hamamatsu Industrial Technical Assistance Center


13:00-14:00 Presentation

"Activity of Hamamatsu Society of CFRP Business R&D" Mr. Kunimasa Muroi, Chair.


"Application of ultrasonic wave on CFRTP" Mr. Seiya Nakai, CEO.


14:00-15:00 Laboratory tour

15:00-15:50 Bus trip to Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd.


16:00-17:00 Factory tour

17:00-17:30 Return to the JR Hamamatsu Station

17:30 - A social gathering (5,000 yen/person) 

The participation

An entrance fee: SPE Japan Section member:¥2,000

A nonmember:¥12,000 

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SPE日本支部 講演会 「炭素繊維強化樹脂の自動車への展開: 見学&講演会」




日時:2018427日(金) 11551730


【集合】送迎貸し切りバス乗り場 11:55分集合




【見学1】静岡県工業技術研究所 浜松工業技術支援センター







11:55 上記場所に集合

12:50 静岡県工業技術研究所浜松工業技術支援センター到着 (バス内で詳細のご案内)

13:00-14:00 講演

「浜松地域CFRP事業化研究会の活動」 浜松地域CFRP事業化研究会 会長 室井國昌

「熱可塑性複合材料における超音波技術の応用」㈱アドウェルズ 代表取締役 中居誠也


15:50 ヤマハファインテック株式会社カーパーツ事業部 到着

16:00-17:00ヤマハファインテック株式会社カーパーツ事業部 見学

17:30 浜松駅到着 (懇親会参加者は途中の会場でバス下車)


参加要領 定員50名先着順








 荻原 学  日本ゼオン㈱ 加工品開発研究所

 210-0863 神奈川県川崎市川崎区夜行1-2-1

 Tel044-276-3729  Fax044-276-3293


20180208 11th NANO/SPE joint seminar

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11th NANO/SPE joint seminar

Date: February 8,2018   (Thursday) 13:00-19:00

Place: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. 20th floor. Tennoz Parkside Building

5-8 Higashi-Shinagawa 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002

TEL: +81-3-5462-4111


13:0013:05 Introductory remarks

13:1014:20 "Polymer materials design with considering production process by chemoinformaticsr"

Prof. Kimito Funatsu      The University of Tokyo as a full Professor

Abstract:In past, forward prediction, namely evaluation of sturucture/material was possible. However, inversely proposal of structure/material with desored property was difficult. It has been understood that just this inverse analysis is most important issue which is required to data-driven chemistry.

Furthermore, in order to swiftly and efficiently cope with the subjects from "what to make" to "how to make" and monitoring and controlling productoin process to keep stable production with high quality, strategic use of data and information just has been indispensable.

BIO:Prof. Kimito Funatsu obtained his Doctoral degree (Dr. Sci.) in physical organic chemistry from Kyushu University (1983) and then joined Prof. Shin-ichi Sasaki's group at Toyohashi University of Technology in 1984. During this time with that group, he worked on chemoinformatics, i.e., the structure elucidation system CHEMICS, the organic synthesis design system AIPHOS, de novo design, and chemogenomics. In 2004, he moved to The University of Tokyo as a full Professor to continue research in the same areas. Recently, he has worked on material design and soft sensors for chemical plant control. He was Chair of the Division of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, Chemical Society of Japan (2004-2014).

14:2015:30" Interfacial phenomena of polymeric adhesives studied by molecular simulations."

Mr.Akira Shimazu     NITTO DENKO Corporation

Abstract: Interfacial phenomena of polymeric adhesives were studied from the view point of intermolecular interactions and polymer deformation behavior. Peeling behavior at adhesive/substrate interface was characterized at molecular level using super computational technology.



Bachelor of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science.

Doctor of Pharmacy, Osaka University.

Professional Experience:

Research Associate, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, Osaka University.

Lecture (part-time) for molecular simulation and materials analysisat the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Lecture (part-time) for molecular simulation and materials analysis at the Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering.


Research leaderfor materials science and simulationsat NITTO DENKO Corporation.

Director of the Positron Science Society of Japan.

Committeememberof the Adhesion Society of Japan.

Committeemember of the Chemical Society of Japan.

15:3015:40  Break

15:4016:50" Networking in Injection Molding Factory  -- Efforts for IoT -- "

Mr.Takuya Matsunaga      Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.


1. Current efforts and problems for IoT in molding industry (Domestic and abroad).

2. Network communication between IMM and peripheral equipment or host system.

    Current and outlook.

3. Benefits and tasks for networking in molding factory.

BIO:2013    Enter to Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

2015~   IoT related development, staring from industrial network protocol.


16:5017:00 Closing greetings

17:20-19:00 Banquet (Fee: 5,000 yen/person)

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SPE Japan Section Member: FREE

Non-SPE Japan Section Member: \15,000

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