20161212 SPE Japan Section seminar
"Seminar of the 60th anniversary of Japan section foundation"

The SPE Japan Section founded as SPE Osaka section in 1956 was able to reach the foundation 60th anniversary this year. We thank to the support of the members including the section member concerned. We hold a ceremony in commemoration of this and seminar in birthplace, Osaka. We will have you give lectures in the commemorative Presentation.We have you give a lecture on the history of the Japan Section than Susumu Nagai of NR techno search was a ninth section president. Furthermore, We give a lecture on the latest result of the study on plastic of the advanced study by Hiroshi Ito of Yamagata University.
In addition, in the lasting seminor, we have the next Presentation.

1, the development of the polylactic acid foaming tray
2,About an applied example of Milled carbon fiber.

Please give a lecture to the front runner of each field.We wait for participation of much one.

Sponsorship:SPE Japan Section
Date: Monday, December 12, 2016 from 13:00 to 17:10
Place:Osaka Gas Dome city gas building (a DC gas building) fourth floor convention bureau
〒550-0023 3Choume south 2-37, Chiyozaki, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi

Ceremony of the 60th anniversary

13:00〜13:10 Section President greetings
13:10〜13:15 A testimonial introduction from the headquarters
13:15〜13:30 Section members who has rendered distinguished services commendation
13:30〜13:40 break
13:40〜14:30 Presentation 1 commemorative
Title:"SPE and I"
NR techno search representative Mr.Nagai susumu
Present conditions and problem of molding of plastics in the next-generation
- Introduction of the research facility and of the study in Yamagata University-
Yamagata University Mr.Hiroshi Ito
15:20〜15:30  break


"The present conditions and a polylactic acid expanded sheet of the supercritical carbon dioxide foaming"
Plasteco Corporation Mr.Ryutaro Hayashi
"Application to plastic of MLD carbon fiber which assumes CFRP raw materials"
Whisca Co., Ltd. Mr.Yasuyuki Tokui
17:30〜19:30 social gathering
Osaka Gas Dome city gas building (DC gas building) 15F (an entrance fee:5,000 yen/)

participation point
An entrance fee: SPE Japan Section member: Free of charge,
a nonmember: 15,000 yen
(the substitute attendance of the individual member is not accepted)
Please ask by an email.
* An application method:
When a full name, a company, a post, a telephone, an e-mail address, a social gathering roll, a bill are necessary;
so to follows pass,and please contact it by an email.
[SPE Japan Section]
Ogiwara Manabu  
〒210-0863 Nippon Zeon Co.,Ltd. finished article development laboratory, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa night travel 1-2-1
Tel: 044-276-3729    Fax: 044-276-3293
e-mail: M.ogiwara@zeon.co.jp

SPE日本支部 講演会
日時:2016年12月12日(月) 13:00~17:10
場所:大阪ガス ドームシティガスビル(DCガスビル) 4階 大会議室
 〒550-0023 大阪市西区千代崎3丁目南2番37号
13:00~13:10 支部長挨拶
13:10~13:15 本部からの表彰状紹介
13:15~13:30 支部功労者表彰
13:30~13:40 休憩
13:40~14:30 記念講演1
「SPEと私」 NRテクノリサーチ 代表 永井 進
 「次世代プラスチック成形加工の現状と課題 ~山形大学におけるプラスチック研究の取組みと研究設備
の紹介~」山形大学 教授(工学部副学部長、有機材料システム研究科長) 
15:20~15:30 休憩
株式会社プラステコ 代表取締役 林 龍太郎
ウイスカー株式会社 代表取締役社長 徳井康之
17:30~19:30 懇親会 
大阪ガス ドームシティガスビル(DCガスビル)15F(参加費:5,000円/人)
荻原 学  日本ゼオン㈱ 加工品開発研究所
〒210-0863 神奈川県川崎市川崎区夜行1-2-1
Tel:044-276-3729  Fax:044-276-3293